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“As an active person, my level of functioning was much less than normal. Before physical therapy, the soreness and pain in my knees kept me from wanting to be active. After receiving physical therapy, I’m getting back to the activities that I did before the pain began. The services provided to me were outstanding! They listened to all of my concerns and made therapy a pleasure to come to.”

— Jennifer F.

“Well after meeting the Agape staff I can say I was in good hands. My pain level was around 6 to 8 on most days and my knee felt very unstable without wearing my knee brace. I was given massages and exercises that really got me to the point where I’m no longer depending on the brace. I can walk for longer periods and I have no recent swelling and my pain level is now a 4 and below on most days. I can feel and see the progress that I have made since coming here for my physical therapy. I have also benefitted from assignments given to me to do at home. Agape Physical Therapy, you get an A+.”

— Leon J.

“Before having physical therapy, I had no range and lot of pain! I was unable to move my right shoulder up or sideways. After receiving physical therapy, range is much better. I have less pain and I am able to lift arm up. Agape Physical Therapy provides excellent service. The Agape Physical Therapy has a professional staff with a positive energy.”

— Michael G.

“Well I was injured running on a treadmill at home and needed surgery. After surgery it was hard to get around and my right leg was weak. After starting therapy at Agape I started to notice the range of motion was coming back I was able to put weight on it and get back to normal activities. And I thank all of the friendly staff for their help.”

— Richardo B.

“Agape has been a Godsend to me. When I was first greeted by Gigi, I was put at ease by her friendly hello; she was always professional when scheduling my further needed appointments. I strained my MCL and couldn’t stand. The only way I could painfully walk was with a walker and a knee brace. Nader and his therapists put me though my paces. With exercises and Nader’s strong therapy I have come a long way. I no longer need a knee brace; I can go up and down stairs and can continue with everyday activities. I am very happy with Agape and will continue to recommend this physical therapy office to everyone I know.”

— Ruanne S.