Studies from the past 20 years have shown that the way the medical model used to address pain is simply ineffective. Unfortunately, many practitioners still use the old models to treat pain which leaves many people feeling hopeless. Lots of our clients feel like they have tried everything, only to end up with the same pain and a little less hope. With 80% of people not getting best-practice care for chronic pain, it is no wonder! The newer pain research has revealed that pain does not always correlate to a specific physical injury or disease but oftentimes has much more to do with a “sensitive nervous system.” 


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An initial 20-minute one-on-one consultation with Dr. Mary Shahid Doctor of Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Pain Specialist or Dr. Parkar Price Doctor of Physical Therapy

Interactive 2-hour sessions, once a week, small group style

This 8-week class offers proven strategies and solutions for recovery and long-lasting physical relief. Sessions will include a variety of topics that will help you understand pain, such as pain neuroscience, how nutrition affects your nervous system, and how emotions and past experiences can impact your pain. You will learn how to develop your own personalized exercise and activity program, and how to create goals that you can actually stick to so that you can gradually return to the normal activities you enjoy.

Cost: $499
Start Date: 8/18/2020
Space is limited to 10 attendees to allow for coaching and discussions

Pain scientists understand how this works and it actually makes a lot of sense. One thing that we are absolutely sure about is that an overprotective pain system is NOT a sign you have a weak personality or a weak mind; it does NOT mean you’re crazy or that your injury is in your head. It means your body is doing too good a job of protecting itself!  When our pain system becomes overprotective, it stops us from doing the movements, activities, and other things and that are necessary for recovery.

Everyone can learn new ways of retraining their pain system to be less protective. So, why not start today on your journey to becoming “Free to Live”